Wine Grapes

2017 estimated wine grape quantities: To Be Announced (TBA). Remember it takes 70 to 80 lb of fruit to make 6 gallons of juice. Best to send an email NOW to to reserve your grapevines!


  • Merlot - (TBA) Looking very promising.
  • Shiraz/Syrah - (TBA) ? Not so good, get your order in early.

Pricing for 2017:

50 pound minimum, $1.40/pound.


  • Riesling - (TBA) Looking promising.$1.20/pound.
  • Sauvignon blanc - (TBA) ? Not so good.$1.20 per pound
  • Blanc du bois - (TBA) ? Not so good.$1.20 per pound


We start harvesting at 7 am on "Picking Days." For the reds, normally the first couple of Saturdays in August, depending on Brix levels. The whites are usually ready first, in late July. Please email or call ahead to reserve your "vines." We have our own crusher/destemmer. It will be available free of charge to anyone buying 50 or more pounds of one grape variety. Bring coolers and/or fermentation (6 gallon) buckets with lids!! Cutting shears are welcome.

For more information please contact us at 940-458-7234.