Wine Grapes

2017 estimated wine grape quantities: To Be Announced (TBA). Remember it takes 70 to 80 lb of fruit to make 6 gallons of juice.


Merlot - (TBA) ? Pounds left.
Shiraz/Syrah - (TBA) ? Pounds left.

Pricing for 2017:
$1.40/pound for 50 lbs and over.


Riesling - (TBA) ? pounds left.$1.00/pound.
Sauvignon blanc - (TBA) ? pounds left.$1.20 per pound
Blanc du bois - (TBA) ? pounds left.$1.20 per pound

We start harvesting at 7 am on "Picking Days" (normally the first couple of Saturdays in August, depending on Brix levels). The whites are usually ready first - sometimes in late July.

Please email or call ahead to reserve your "vines."
We have our own crusher/destemmer. It will be available free of charge to anyone buying 50 or more pounds of one grape variety.
Bring coolers and/or fermentation (6 gallon) buckets with lids!!
Cutting shears are welcome.

For more information please contact us at 940-458-7234.