3295 Union Hill Road, Sanger, TX 76266

(940) 458-7234

Picking Fruit at Windy Creek - Peaches, Plums AND GRAPES

The Farm

Pick your own fruit

West peach trees with grapevines and hay in the background.

We are a small, private PYO farm with plums, peaches and wine grapes available. We do not have picnic facilities nor public restrooms. 

plums and peaches picking season

We have Hale Haven, Harvester and Loring peaches. All are cling free, or semi.

There appears to be lots of fruit on the trees this year. Please call and check our answering machine - Yes, we are old-fashioned - for when we will be open. 

grape varieties and picking season

Merlot grapes are well on their way to being ripe.

The whites we have, Sauvignon blanc and Symphony, are ready in late July.  The reds, Merlot and Shiraz/Syrah, are ready in early August. 

current deals

Grapevines in mid-spring, after a long winter's nap.

Plums and peaches are $3.00 per pound.  Over 10 pounds, they are $2.50/lb.  There is a 3 pound minimum.  Grapes will be $1.40/pound this year with a 50 pound minimum.  

the big news - grafting new vines

In the foreground are the new Symphony grafts on the original Riesling rootstock.

The big news this year is that we have cut off all of the Riesling grapes and grafted more Symphony and more Shiraz onto them.  Wait for the results!  

driving directions

The rural area surrounding Windy Creek to the west, with the south vineyard in the foreground.

We are located about 12 miles north of Denton.  From I-35 North, take Exit 478, turn right/East on FM 455 for 3 miles. Turn left/North on Union Hill Rd. for 1.1 miles. We are the last driveway on the left.